phil robertson

Duck Dynasty Commander Phil Robertson Shares Personal Testimony

I know, I know, this technically isn’t Christian Music News, but it’s totally awesome so I thought I would share it anyway!  (Plus, I’m going to tie it all in together with a Christian Music video at the end…how smart am I?  Just kidding!)

As many of you know, I am a die-hard fan of the television series Duck Dynasty.  Watching this show is sort of like going back home to the farmhouse I grew up in rural Indiana a few years back.  Come to think of it, if my Dad had a ZZ Top beard and a Southern accent, he could be a dead ringer for Phil Robertson (or, on an off day, Uncle Si!)  I grew up listening to my Dad and brother talk non-stop about hunting ducks and/or deer and/or a variety of other critters, so I can totally relate to the Robertson family guys.  I also love how they end every single show praying together around the family table, because that’s how it always was at my house growing up, too.

So, when I came across this video of Phil Robertson sharing his story of how he came to know and accept Jesus and begin to follow in His ways, I knew I had to share it with you all.

My favorite part of the video, though, is when Phil talks about how he felt that at 28 years old, he was nothing more than a worthless scumbag.  Robertson said, in a way that only he can, “When I heard in fact that Jesus was God in flesh, and not only that, but it took the blood of God to remove the sins of my drugs, sex and rock n roll lifestyle.  That was a mighty kind thing for him to do for a scumbag like me.”

My other favorite part of the video is when the former Duck Commander talks about the man who led him to Christ.  Who knows how many other Phil Robertsons there are out there who have experienced similar coming to faith stories, all because some guy came to a beer joint to try and start up a Bible study and pass out some Bible tracts?  This nameless guy might have been run out of the bar that night, but not before planting some life-saving seeds in the heart of Phil Robertson.

Such a great story, and a reminder to all of us who are already walking with the Lord that you just never know whose life you might be touching when you share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

(And now, for the tie-in…)

Since I’m always thinking about music, this story reminded me of Everfound’s new single, “Never Beyond Repair.”  After watching both videos, I think you’ll understand why!

Enjoy, and thanks for indulging my whimsy when it comes to Duck Dynasty.  (And because I know I will get many e-mails wanting to know who my favorite character on Duck Dynasty is…yeah, it’s crazy Uncle Si.  He’s one lovable lunatic!)

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